Inducted to the Walk of Fame on February 8, 1960 with 1 star. Comments
Quick Facts
October 24,
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
University of Cincinnati, 1942; Harvard University, 1948

Arthur Spiegel was the Chicago mail-order magnate and early American film studio executive. He started in the film business as the partner of Lewis J. Selznick. He was President of the Spiegel, May, Stern Company the producers of the Spiegel Catalog.

Arthur Spiegel provided the investment backing to Lewis J. Selznick to start Equitable. In 1914, Spiegel again invested in Selznick to form World Pictures headquartered in Fort Lee, New Jersey, the first American movie capital. Under Selznick, World Pictures did not thrive and in 1916 it was merged with Equitable at which time Arthur Spiegel was made President and General manager of the new World Pictures.

World Pictures had been created to import foreign-made features and to distribute the movies of several newly-established feature-film companies but later moved beyond distribution to produce films. In the early days of American film, World Pictures was one of the key studios.

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