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Gene Lockhart
Quick Facts
July 18,
London, Canada
March 31,
Brompton Oratory School in London, England

Eugene "Gene" Lockhart was a Canadian character actor, singer, and playwright. He also wrote the lyrics to a number of popular songs.

Born in London, Ontario, Lockhart made his professional debut at the age of six when he appeared with The Kilties Band of Canada. At the age of 15, he was appearing in sketches with actress Beatrice Lillie. Lockhart was educated in various Canadian schools and at the Brompton Oratory School in London, England. He also played football for the Toronto Argonauts.

Lockhart had a long stage career; he also wrote professionally and taught acting and stage technique at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City. He had also written theatrical sketches, radio shows, special stage material, song lyrics and articles for stage and radio magazines.

He made his Broadway debut in 1916, in the musical The Riviera Girl. He was a member of the travelling play The Pierrot Players. This play introduced the song, The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise, for which Lockhart wrote the lyrics along with Canadian composer Ernest Seitz. He also wrote and directed the Broadway musical revue Bunk of 1926. He also sang in Die Fledermaus for the San Francisco Opera Association.