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Lewis J. Selznick
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May 2,
Kiev, Ukraine

Lewis J. Selznick was a Jewish-Ukrainian-American producer in the early years of the film industry.

Selznick was born Lewis Zeleznick in 1870 in Kiev, Russia, and emigrated to the United States at age 18. Changing his name to Selznick, he settled in Pittsburgh and built up a successful jewelry retail business.

About 1896, he married Florence Sachs, and they had four children. His eldest son Myron Selznick would work as a producer and studio executive until establishing a successful talent agency. His second son, David O. Selznick, became a notable Hollywood filmmaker, producing Gone With the Wind. A third son, Howard, chose not to enter the film business.

In 1910 in New York City, he opened what he called "the world's largest jewelry store"; however, the business closed within a few months.