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June 16,
St. Marys, Ohio, USA
February 21,

William K. Howard was a film director, writer and producer.

Howard began his work in Hollywood as an assistant director on the 1920 release The Adorable Savage. The following year, he received his first directing credits, for Get Your Man, Play Square and What Love Will Do. He wrote The One-Man Trail that same year.

Some of his better known works as a director are The Thundering Herd, Surrender, Transatlantic, Sherlock Holmes, This Side of Heaven, Fire Over England, When the Lights Go on Again and A Guy Could Change.

His film The Power and the Glory, directed by Howard from a screenplay by Preston Sturges, was neglected for decades but in recent years has received significant reappraisal due to recognition that this movie was a major influence on the structure of Citizen Kane.