Inducted to the Walk of Fame on July 21, 1999 with 1 star. Comments
Quick Facts
March 18,
Sledge, Mississippi, USA
African American

Charley Pride is an American country music singer and baseball player.

Pride's smooth baritone voice was featured on thirty-six number-one hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts. His greatest success came in the early- to mid-1970s, when he became the best-selling performer for RCA Records since Elvis Presley. His chart success and recordings since the late 1980s have been sporadic, but Pride continued touring successfully.

Pride is one of the few African-American country musicians to have had considerable success in the largely white country music industry and the only one to be inducted into the Grand Ole Opry.

Pride was born in Sledge, Mississippi, one of eleven children of poor sharecroppers. His father named him "Charl Frank Pride," but because of an error on his birth certificate, his legal name is Charley Frank Pride. In his early teens, Pride began playing guitar.