Inducted to the Walk of Fame on February 8, 1960 with 1 star. Comments
Dick Foran
Quick Facts
June 18,
Flemington, New Jersey, USA
Hun School and Brithish University

John Nicholas 'Dick' Foran was an American actor, known for his performances in western musicals and for playing supporting roles in dramatic pictures.

Foran was born in Flemington, New Jersey, the first of five sons to Arthur F. and Elizabeth Foran. His father Arthur F. Foran would go on to serve in the New Jersey Senate, as would his younger brother, Walter E. Foran. Foran was a bright student while growing up, a good athlete in high school with a fine singing voice and often sang in the church choir. After graduation he attended the Hun School, a college preparatory school in nearby Princeton, and then enrolled at Princeton University pursuing a degree in geology. He played on the football team while taking courses in the arts where he develop an interest in the theater.

After becoming a lead singer in a band, Foran was hired by Warner Bros. as a supporting actor. He would also croon when called upon in films such as Change of Heart with Janet Gaynor made for Fox Film Corporation. His handsome appearance and good natured personality made him a natural choice for the supporting cast. He first appeared as a singing cowboy in his first starring role in Moonlight on the Prairie. Other singing cowboy features included Song of the Saddle, Guns of the Pecos, Empty Holsters and Cowboy from Brooklyn. In 1938, Foran moved to Universal Studios and acted in many different genres of film from horror to comedies with Abbott and Costello such as Ride 'Em Cowboy .