Inducted to the Walk of Fame on February 8, 1960 with 1 star. Comments
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December 28,
Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Henry Rowland was an American film actor. Rowland had heavily Teutonic facial features, making him an invaluable commodity in wartime films, even though he was born in the American Midwest. Rowland "heiled" and "achtunged" his way through films ranging such as Casablanca to Russ Meyer's Supervixens. Conversely, he showed up as an American flight surgeon in 1944's Winged Victory, billed under his military ranking as Corporal Henry Rowland. In his last years, Rowland had continued playing such Germanic characters as the Amish farmer in 1975's The Frisco Kid. He also appeared in a recurring role as Count Kolinko on Zorro.