Inducted to the Walk of Fame on January 24, 1979 with 1 star. Comments
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September 12,
Chicago, Illinois, USA
US Army
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John Chambers was a famous make-up artist who became a veteran in both television and film.

Following service as a medical technician during World War II, Chambers found employment repairing faces and making prosthetic limbs for wounded veterans at the United States Department of Veterans Affairs hospital at Hines, Illinois.

In 1953 he joined the NBC American television network working for many live shows for a six-year period. He worked on his first movie, Around the World in Eighty Days, then joined Universal Pictures. He attracted attention for his work in The List of Adrian Messenger that featured the gimmick of having the audience guess which famous stars were under Chambers' makeup. Chambers also worked on The Munsters and The Outer Limits TV series.

His work became known worldwide in the Planet of the Apes series, for which he won a special Academy Award. Chambers worked on the pilot of Mission Impossible and created the pointed ears worn by Leonard Nimoy in the original television series.