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John Derek
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August 12,
Hollywood, California, USA

John Derek was an American actor, director and photographer most famous for the women to whom he was married.

Born Derek Delevan Harris in Hollywood, California, he was first married to actress Pati Behrs, née Pati Behrs Eristoff. Pati Behrs was a Russian-born American actress, a grandniece of Leo Tolstoy. She was married to Derek from 1951 to 1957. They had two children, Russell and Sean.

His matinee-idol good looks quickly got him supporting roles, most notably as Broderick Crawford's son in All the King's Men, but he also enjoyed leads such as "Nick Romano" in Knock on Any Door opposite Humphrey Bogart, "Brock Mitchell" in Fury at Showdown, and as Robin Hood in Rogues of Sherwood Forest with Alan Hale.

Perhaps Derek's most memorable film appearance was as the noble Joshua in The Ten Commandments .