Inducted to the Walk of Fame on February 8, 1960 with 2 stars. Comments
Lynn Bari
Quick Facts
December 18,
Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Lynn Bari, born Margaret Schuyler Fisher, was a movie actress who specialized in playing sultry, statuesque man-killers in over one hundred 20th Century Fox films from the early 1930s through the 1940s.

Born in Roanoke, Virginia, most of her early films, before getting supporting parts, were uncredited roles usually playing receptionists or chorus girls.

Bari's rare leading roles include China Girl, Hello, Frisco, Hello, and The Spiritualist. However, in the B movies she was in, Lynn was usually cast as a villainess. Some examples include the films Shock and Nocturne. Notable exceptions to this general theme was The Bridge of San Luis Rey. Lynn Bari's last film appearance was as the mother of rebellious teenager Patty McCormack in The Young Runaways .