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Having staffed the Walk for nearly half of its history, there is likely no one who knows more about the mechanics and history of the Hollywood Walk of Fame than Ana Martinez… affectionately known as Star Girl. If you have a question about the Walk of Fame, send it our way and Star Girl will give you the most accurate and definitive answer available.


Dear Stargirl,

Is the Joe Mantegna star ceremony going to be televised? I live in the UK. Forget the royal wedding I want to see this!

-- Scout Finch

Dear Scout Finch,

Joe Mantegna’s star ceremony will air the night of the induction on You may also want to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Sit back with some tea and crumpets and enjoy the royal wedding!

Dear Stargirl,

Has Willie Nelson ever been nominated for a Star on the Hollywood walk of fame?
-- Linda Banks, Boulder, Colorado

Dear Linda

Although I am sure it has always been on someone’s mind ;) to nominate Willie Nelson, no one has. Thanks for the inquiry.


Dear Stargirl,

I think Robert Downey Jr. is a remarkable and naturally gifted actor. I thought I had read that he was to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this year. However, he hasn't received one yet or has he? He has worked so hard over his 25 years in show business. Well it is actually 39 years if you go back to the age of his first role in the movie Pound, at age 5. I believe he is very deserving of this great honor. Even more so after all he has been through and come back a better and greater actor than he has ever been. Can you shed some light on this? Thanks.

Dear RDJ fan

Robert Downey Jr. was selected this year for next year and he is deserving and that is why he was selected. He has 5 years from his selection date to unveil the star. If he doesn't set a date within the five years it will expire. The date has to come from his team as we cannot just say, "Rob, you are getting your star on this date!" It has to work mutually. But it would be nice to have that power!

Dear Stargirl,

I hear that there are celebrities buried under their stars. Is that true?
From Star Struck in Seattle

Dear Star Struck,

If people were buried under their stars which by the way, measure 3x3, they would have to be standing up!! We would never consider having our deceased celebrities walked on!

Dear Stargirl,

Who has the most stars on the Walk of Fame?
Angie from Chicago

Dear Angie,

Cowboy star Gene Autry has a star in each of the five categories.

Dear Stargirl,

Why doesn't George Clooney have a star?
Clooney Fan Forever

Dear Clooney Fan,

I get this question from lots of women and some men too! George was selected a few years back but it seems that he has a very busy schedule and does live in Italy so maybe its hard for him to get away from the Mediterranean? Come on George if you are reading this, give us a call and we will set a date!

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