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September 9,
Bloomington, Illinois, USA

Richard Webb was a film, television and radio actor. He was born in Bloomington, Illinois.

He appeared in more than fifty films, including many westerns and films noir including Out of the Past, Night Has a Thousand Eyes, I Was a Communist for the FBI and Carson City. Today, he may be best remembered as the star of the 1950s TV series Captain Midnight, based on a long-running radio program of the same name. In 1958, he guest starred as agent James Foster in Bruce Gordon's short-lived docudrama about the Cold War, Behind Closed Doors.

In 1954, Webb played the notorious gunfighter John Wesley Hardin in an episode of Jim Davis's Stories of the Century western anthology. The segment shows Hardin shooting two Indians in the back, gunning down a sheriff in a saloon, and finally being outgunned himself by an El Paso officer attempting to arrest Hardin, then a lawyer, on a new murder warrant, possibly his 41st or 45th killing.

Webb played Lieutenant Commander Ben Finney on — "Court Martial"